Outdoor swimming pool in Kortrijk

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Outdoor swimming pool in Kortrijk

Open every day from June to the end of August from 12 noon to 7.15 pm - only accessible with a sports card.


Abdijkaai, 8500 Kortrijk – +32 56 27 80 39 - www.kortrijk.be/sport

Toerisme Leiestreek

Toerisme Leiestreek was established on 5 September 2000. It unites 27 Lys Valley municipalities around a few common objectives: - tourist-recreational policy planning - improvement of the tourist-recreational structure & - promoting the Lys Valley as a tourist-recreational region Important point of attention include cycling & walking, water tourism, and art and culture on the waterfront. The functioning of Toerisme Leiestreek is based on the Strategic Policy Plan Tourism & Recreation for the Lys Valley. This plan lays out the major strong points for several years.

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