Foot reflexology session

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Foot reflexology session

Global and non-invasive, preventive approach
Technique aimed at stimulating the reflex zones located on the foot, by successive pressure, next to the organs.
Allows to act on all the systems of our physiology

  • Deep relaxation (Improved sleep, release of tension, reduction of stress, etc.)
  • Detox Action (Increases blood circulation, mobilization of crystals and drainage action)

Public concerned: Children, Teens, Adults. Adapted durations

Duration 1h, allow 15min of comfort 


  • Phlébite
  • Antécédents récents au niveau des pieds : entorse, fracture
  • Cancer
  • Maladie auto immune en poussée inflammatoire
  • Début de grossesse

Séance : 1h avec un protocole global

Prévoir 15min supplémentaire de confort

Enfants (Durées adaptées)



  • Confirmation : Un mail vous sera envoyé pour confirmer le rendez-vous
  • Lieu : Cabinet au 998 rue de la lys - 62840 SAILLY/LYS
  • Désistement : en cas de désistement 24h avant le rendez-vous, aucun remboursement ne sera possible. 
  • Empèchement : en cas d'empèchement de dernière minute, un autre rdv vous sera proposé.
Tota price: 50



I am a naturopath , graduated from a 3-year training at the EURONATURE Lille institute. I also obtained the federal certification of the FENA , it guarantees the quality of the training received.

Naturopathy is an art of living consisting in preserving, optimizing one's health or preventing possible illnesses via a basic pillar represented by diet, regular physical activity, psycho-emotional management and other natural techniques.

I am committed to helping you move towards health, well-being and balance.

I receive you in office in Sailly sur la lys or if necessary at home.

I will also have the pleasure of meeting you for moments of well-being, if you wish, during your stays in the ecolodges located on the territory.


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