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Game book Oracle alphamythique

The Alphamythic Oracle – The gods guide you through the sacred letters, co-written with Antoine Charlet, illustrated by Marie Dewulf, preface by Georges Colleuil and introduced by Muriel Rojas Zamudio, self-published in 2021.

For the very first time in the history of oracles, the Latin letters are at the center of each illustrated card and form the temple of a divinity from Greco-Roman mythology.

For each of the cards, the book tells, in a few concise lines, a fundamental story of Greco-Roman mythology. A total of 34 deities are thus presented.

The Alphamythic Oracle consists of a 185-page book and 34 cards, including 30 illustrated and 4 oracle cards. It includes ten new prints, which promote in a precise and concrete way the progress of each person on their life path.

The benefits of the alphamythic oracle:


This ambitious oracle offers the possibility of real work on oneself using 10 different draws, which allow:

- to adopt the posture of a divinity by a new yoga of letters, to question yourself, then to take action according to the questioned problem;

- to make your seeds of joy bear fruit;

- to remove an unconscious obstacle;

- to use the beneficial energy of a letter drawn by lot by practicing its layout, experimenting with its sounds, visualizing its image or meditating on its meaning;

- to tame the language of birds;

- to find powerful resources within yourself thanks to the anagram;

- to reconcile in depth with a difficult person or situation;

- to create your personal talisman;

- to explore the symbolic energy of the letters of your first and last name.


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Sabine Dewulf

Sabine Dewulf, agrégée in modern literature, doctor of literature, is a teacher, writer and poet. Since 2002, she has followed a path of personal transformation. For 6 years, she was trained by Marc-Alain Descamps in psychology, then in psychoanalysis, at the Institut du Transpersonnel in Paris. Passionate about spiritual traditions, symbols, art and poetry, she has published more than a dozen books (essays, biographies, exhibition catalogs, self-knowledge games, poems) with various publishers.


 Self-knowledge games

  • Les Jardins de Colette – Symbolic and playful journey to our inner Eden, illustrations by Josette Delecroix, Souffle d’Or editions, 2004.
  • The Game of Mirrors – Discover your true face with Douglas Harding and Jules Supervielle, illustrations by Josette Delecroix, Souffle d'Or editions, 2011.
  • The Three Golden Hairs – Healing journey with the Grimm brothers and Pierre Dhainaut, with the collaboration of Stéphanie Delcourt and Eric Dewulf, Souffle d’Or editions, 2016.
  • The Alphamythic Oracle – The gods guide you through the sacred letters, 2021.

Price of the box: 33 euros.

Packaging and postage costs:

- 6 euros by Mondial Relay

- 9 euros by Colissimo


Tota price: 33

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